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Inset Shot 10 Best Tips for Texas Hold 'Em
10 Best Tips Texas Hold 'Em 10 Best Tips for Texas Hold 'Em
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Your  Comprehensive Source for News and Information on Poker Tournaments

Our Magazine is an Endless Source For Poker News and Tournament Information and is the Preferred Publication of Poker Players Worldwide.

Poker Action Line is a companion publication to a Weekly Radio Show with the same name, and the show will serve as a Forum for the many issues surrounding the exciting poker room environment, both on and off line. Our renowned poker magazine provides readers with all the latest updates and news regarding upcoming poker tournaments.  Guests include nationally-known poker stars, poker room managers, tournament directors and some of the best poker instructors in the world.

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Welcome to Poker Action Line, your one-stop shop for all kinds of information regarding the ultra-popular game of poker. We’ll have the latest information on local and national events, we’ll have in-depth interviews with the movers and shakers of the game, and discuss strategies that will make you a better player. (Read full story)

The Latest From Ante Up Magazine

BIG Dave Lemmon, in addition to his duties as host of the popular podcast Poker Action Line, writes a monthly column  for the nationally-distributed magazine Ante Up, serving as its South Florida Ambassador.  A truncated version of this article appears in the current issue of the magazine, now available at poker rooms across the U.S. (Read the latest full story)

The Global Poker League Has Arrived!

Alexandre Dreyfus' vision to "sportify" poker by bringing some of the best aspects of major team sports to this individual game is finally here!  Questions will be answered over the next several months, but we believe this is an important concept that deserves every chance to succeed, so follow our coverage on this site starting with the Feb. 25th draft.  (Read full story)

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Our Magazine is an Endless Source For Poker News and Tournament Information and is the Preferred Publication of Poker Players Worldwide

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