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Interviews with some of poker's most popular celebrities!! - Click on the Celebrity Name to hear the complete interview.


Matt Glantz

May 01, 2013 - Matt Glantz joins BIG Dave and Joe for an in-depth discussion about re-entry policies at big poker events, and whether unlimited re-entries are good or bad for the game. Matt also talks about his recent trip to the Jax WPT event and his experience as Poker Ambassador at Parx in Philly.


Andrew Feldman

June 05, 2013 - Andrew Feldman, Poker Editor for, joins BIG Dave and Joe to talk about the opening week of the World Series of Poker and the growing push for online poker in Nevada.


Jay Rosenkrantz

June 19, 2013 - Jay Rosenkrantz, producer of "Bet Raise Fold", a new indie documentary scheduled for a worldwide release on June 30th, joins with BIG Dave and Joe. The guys discuss the goals behind the creation of the film, the pain-staking process of molding his ideas into a finished product, and the huge role of "Kickstarter" in getting the film funded.


Nolan Dalla

July 03, 2013 - Nolan Dalla, Media Director of the WSOP, joins BIG Dave and Joe to discuss the latest happenings associated with the games greatest festival. Nolan expresses his personal opinions-apart from his official duties - in regards to a boycott of the Sheldon Adelson owned Venetian Resort and that owner's negative views of online poker.









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